If you belong in the Kingdom of God, then God has given you three amazing titles:

Title # 1 -  Royal Priest
Title # 2 -  Saint
Title # 3 -  Holy

I want you to ponder on those three titles and reflect at how God sees you.  Yes, if God gave you those titles God sees you as someone SPECIAL.  Awesome titles for His children.  God sees you as an amazing person sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked by the blood of His Son.

We make choices everyday. You now have another choice to make.  Are you going to believe some more lies from the devil?   You know how many years the devil kept you from getting your Ticket to Heaven by believing his lies. Well, now that the devil lost you to the Kingdom of Heaven he is going to change his tactics. 

The devil's new tactic when you get your Ticket to Heaven is to tell you,  your not good.  How ironic, first your good, now your no good. The devil will remind you of all your faults, even petty ones because he knows if he piles enough lies it will burden you so much you will want to quit following Jesus and quit trying to be like Jesus. The devil wants you in a depressed mode.  When you get depressed you avoid people.  That's when he wins.  Why?  His second tactic is to stop you from sharing the good news

God wants you to share the good news but the devil does not want you to do that.   Choice - who are you going to listen to?  As soon as you start sharing the good news the devil knows you will get stronger as a Christian and will be harder to stop you.  Start sharing the good news as soon as you get a chance.  Visit  the page - Ticket to Heaven -  and - Ticket Sharing -  to learn how to present the good news.

God wants to fill you will His Joy, His Peace, His Love.  You now have the Holy Spirit living in you, in your physical body.  The power of the Holy Spirit is greater than all the evil spirits.  Understand the power God has given you. 

Here is your tactic - when the devil knocks at your door send him to the cross.  Remind him his time is coming where he will be in hell for eternity because of the power of the blood of Jesus.  Remind him you will have your place in the presence of the God of creation. Repeat the three titles God has given you.  Royal Priest - Saint - Holy

God not only sent the Holy Spirit living in you but God also provides you with spiritual gifts as well as natural gifts to bless others with.  The more you use your gifts to bless others the more you get stronger and stronger.  Many times people do not realize the effect they have on others.  Sometimes it can be as simple as a smile and your smile can be used by God to encourage someone who needed just that.  You may never know what your simple gesture will do or has done for someone. 

Remember those super heroes where they could throw fire or a beam of energy etc.  Well look at your spiritual gifts like that.  As you radiate - Love - Peace - Joy - Kindness - Gentleness etc. you are projecting part of God. 

God is Love. God is Peace. God is Joy.  God is Kind.  God is Gentle.  God is Just.  God is Fair.  God is Truth.   

God said if you have seen my Son you have seen Me.  God made man in His image.  The quality you see in people is the reflection of God. 

The evil you see in man is a reflection of the influence of the evil one.

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