Ticket to Heaven - English!

Why are so many nice people not going to Heaven?

If your one of those special people,  have you ever cried out to God and asked Him what He says on how to get into Heaven?   Most have not stopped to consider asking God!.  Why? because you and others believe in one of the lies of the devil, which keep you from asking God how to get into Heaven.

I was in the same situation that your in today 40 years ago. Now I have my Ticket to Heaven and when I pass from this place I will be going to Heaven 100%  certain!

I want to tell you what God says how to get your Ticket to Heaven and for you to be 100% sure your going there.

Before you read please take a few seconds and ask God to remove the veil that blocks your vision, and ask God to help you see the Truth that comes from His words. 

Ticket to Heaven - English!

I meet a lot of people who are very nice individuals and yet do not have their Ticket to Heaven! Could you be one of those nice people?

The following is meant to be a challenge to you and to look at what God says about avoiding Hell and getting your Ticket to Heaven.

Please note: Ticket to Heaven is a visual aid instead of using words like - Born Again - Eternal Life - Salvation - Etc. 

We all understand the purpose of a ticket, to allow us passage into a place or location.  One must present a ticket to enter a place, plane, train, bus  concerts, theatre etc.  You get the picture. 

I use Ticket to Heaven as a visual aid and it makes it easy to understand the importance of having or obtaining a Ticket.  

If we were to meet in a store and after a short conversation I would say if the building collapsed and we died and we went up to Heaven and St. Peter was at the pearly gate and St. Peter said to you " Why should I let you into Heaven?"  What would you say to St. Peter?

You would probably say " ..........................................................."

I would acknowledge your answer and say to you that you believe the second lie of the devil and that is why you cannot get into Heaven.

You may look surprised at my answer but I would continue to explain the three major lies the devil uses on almost every religious person.

The devil is really good at what he does - deceiving people into believing that his lies are the truth.

Please reflect on how you answered the question if St. Peter were to ask you why should he should let you into Heaven.  

If your like the majority of the people,  you hope you have your Ticket to Heaven and hope to get into Heaven. 

This reading if you believe God over the lies of the devil will make you 100% of going to Heaven. Only if you believe God over the lies of the devil.  The devils lies are deep into your brain and that is why I asked you to pray for help from God that you would see and understand God's truth.

This message is mostly for people who have attended the following churches or a church with similar teachings,  yet are not 100% sure and do not have their Ticket to Heaven -  Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, Wesleyan and/or denominations that teach the truth about God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Heaven, Hell and the devil.

If your someone who has attended a denomination that teaches the truth of God and have heard and been exposed to the story of Jesus Christ who is God and the Son of God, was born of a virgin, shed His blood to forgive our sins and died on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day then you are very close to getting your Ticket to Heaven.  I am not going to cover what you already know but concentrate on the item that keeps you from asking for your gift of Eternal Life ( Ticket to Heaven ).

You only need to see the lie that keeps you from getting your Ticket to Heaven.  This lie comes from the father of liars, the great deceiver, the devil.

The devil has three major lies to keep people who attend a Church that preaches the truth about Christianity so they won't ask for their Ticket to Heaven.

Do you know the three lies he uses?

Lie # 1:  Hell does not exist - No punishment for our sins.
Lie # 2:  Your a good person, you are going to Heaven -
Lie # 3:   Surely God would not send anyone to Hell -

If you believe any of the above lies then you are not going to ask God how to get to Heaven are you?  Have you ever cried out to God and asked how can I get into Heaven?  God has a way for you to getting in Heaven?

If you have never asked God how to get into Heaven then how do you expect to get in!

Remember how the devil deceived Eve?  "Surely God did not mean not to eat of the fruit from that particular tree, you will know right from wrong"  Eve was lied to and was deceived.

The devil is good at what he does - The devil lies, he deceives, he wants you to go to Hell with him.

Jesus said  " I am the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE, no man comes to the father except through Me"  John 14:6

Here is a truth that most people do not know!  " Murderers, adulterers, whoremongers, .........  and all liars will have their place in the lake of fire"  Revelation  21:8

God puts big sins and very small sins in the same category.  God says that all murderers and all liars will have their place in the lake of fire.

For most of us we did not know that one lie sends us to hell.  Why?  God is such a Holy God that even a liar is not allowed into Heaven. If you have committed even just one small lie then you cannot enter into Heaven.

Did you know that only one sin separates us from going into Heaven?  For a Catholic like myself it was like a slap in the face.  It did not seem right that a small sin like a small lie would separate me from heaven. I had always believed it took a big sin not a small sin to send me to hell.

I was an alter boy and had earned all the badges of an alter boy.  Some special days we had one mass in the morning, one mass in the afternoon and one mass in the evening.  Sometimes I would serve two masses in one day as an alter boy and attend the third mass service.  That meant I attended three masses in one day.

I did not smoke or drink when growing up so I always presumed I was a good candidate to enter Heaven.  Little that I know if I had died before getting my Ticket to Heaven I would have gone to hell believing I was going to Heaven. 

Murderers.............  and all liars will have their place in the lake of fire. Rev.. 21:8

Let me ask you,  have you ever told  a small fib?  Most people have at  least told a small lie, and if we were truthful more than one.  The truth, it only takes one small sin to separate me from heaven.  That is the truth.  The bible, God's word said it.

Let me ask you this now that you have admitted to committing to at least one small sin, where would you go if you died today?

If you answered Hell, then you are ready for the TRUTH.  If you said Heaven I would repeat -  Revelation 21:8 Murderers ........ and all liars will have their place in the lake of fire.

According to God's word, where would you go?  If you answered Hell I would now be able to tell you the good news.

Good news  -  "The wages of sin is death but the GIFT of God is Eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. " Romans 6:23.

Do you have to pay for a gift?  Of course not a gift is given.  God wants to give you the Gift of Eternal Life.

Let us logically look at your situation -  You have never asked God how to get to Heaven because you have never seen yourself going to hell before.

You believe in Jesus and know that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world but you never really understood that truth.

Lets look at the three lies of the devil and see the big hole in the lies.

Lie # 1:   Hell does not exist.
  If hell did not exist, then why would God the Father send His
  Son Jesus Christ who was also God die a cruel death if hell
  did not exist?
  If one does not believe in Hell then why ask God
  How can I get into Heaven?.  If you believe the lie then the
  devil has you going into hell because you will never ask God
  what is His way in getting in Heaven.  

Truth     Hell does exist - Jesus talked about Hell. God had Hell written
  in His book the Bible. 

Lie # 2:  Your going to Heaven, your a good person, think of all the
  good you do for mankind.  Your a good person, surely you
  are going to get into Heaven.

  If I can work my way to heaven then God the son Jesus
  Christ did not have to die on the cross!  Think of it, if I can
  work my way to heaven God Jesus did not have to die on the

Truth      Not one person who has committed even the smallest sin can
  enter Heaven.

  Even liars will have their place in the lake of fire.

  Again if you believe lie # 2 then you will never cry out to God
  and ask     God what is your way in getting in Heaven?.

  Lie # 2 is the lie that will get the majority or people no matter
  your religion.  Most people believe they are going to Heaven
  and have no clue they are heading for hell because they
  believe they are good enough to get in.

  What was your answer to St Peter at the gate?  Was it not A
  form of good deeds outway the bad deeds? 

  People do not know that one small sin sends them to hell.
  Yes I know,  that would mean everyone is going to hell.
  Yes everyone unless you ask God for your Ticket to

  The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is Eternal Life.

Lie # 3:   Surely God would not send anyone to hell.
  If God did not judge and send anyone to Hell then God
  the Father made a big boo-boo (error), God the Father sent
  His son Jesus Christ on the cross for nothing.  Think again,
  if God does not condemn or judge and does not send
  anyone to hell, then His son Jesus Christ died a cruel death
  for nothing.

TruthAnyone who does not have their Ticket to Heaven cannot get
  in Heaven.  You need a Ticket to get on a plane, bus,
  special concert, theatre etc.  You get the picture, well you
  need your Ticket to Heaven.

If you can admit to having committed one sin then according to the word of God, and God is truthful, you are separated from a Holy God and you cannot enter Heaven, if you are not getting into heaven then the only other place is hell and you are heading for hell.

Are you ready to cry out to God and ask Him how you can avoid going to hell.  Well here is the good news!

"The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord ".

Getting into heaven is a gift from God.  Your Ticket to Heaven is a gift from God.  You cannot pay for it or earn it.

God the father says, stop believing the lie of the devil, stop putting your faith on yourself and your good deeds in order to get into Heaven.  God says believe My words instead and look at the cross and put your faith on my Son Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for you.  My Son shed His blood to pay for your sins.

God says getting into Heaven is not by your good deeds but by putting your faith on My Son only. 

God the Father requires bled to forgive sins and the blood has to be from a perfect lamb.  Jesus was that perfect lamb.  Jesus died and rose to life on the third day after His death. Jesus ascended to God His Father after spending 40 days appearing to various individuals. 

God requires blood from a perfect lamb to pay for our sins.  If you put your faith on the Son of God and what He did for you, rather than on yourself, good deeds or your church then God will give you eternal life.

When you put your faith on what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross ( shed His blood to pay for your sins, died and rose on the third day) receive Him in your life and give your yourself to Him and ask God to forgive all of your sins and ask for His gift of Eternal Life, then God promises to GIVE YOU ETERNAL LIFE ( Ticket to Heaven).

Your Ticket to Heaven is waiting for you at the cross, but you must go to the cross and put your faith on Jesus only to get your Ticket to Heaven.  There is no other way according to God.  


Realize the following:

1.  Believe in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
2.  Believe there is a Heaven.
2.  Believe you have sinned against God
3.  Believe there is a penalty for sin - Hell.
4.  Believe that Hell exist
5.  Believe Man needs someone to pay for his sins because he can't
6.  Believe that Jesus is the perfect lamb that can pay for our sins
7.  Believe that Jesus is a perfect lamb and also God
8.  Believe God Jesus became man, born of a virgin and created by the Holy Spirit.
9.  Believe that Jesus was crucified on the cross because of HIS love for us and HE
willingly shed his blood in order to pay for our sins
10.Jesus said " I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE no man comes to the father                except through ME."
11. Believe and accept that Jesus has paid for your sins on the cross and put your faith
on HIS completed work on the cross and HIS words when HE says I will give you
eternal life.

The following is a sample prayer you can make to God to receive your Ticket to Heaven:

God I am a sinner, according to your word I cannot get into Heaven because of only one sin.  I acknowledge I have committed more than one sin and I do not want to go to Hell.

God you made a promise that if I put my faith on your Son Jesus Christ you would forgive all my sins and give me eternal life.
I now put my faith on your Son Jesus Christ and believe Jesus shed His blood to pay for my sins.

I want to receive Jesus in my life and give myself to You and I accept your gift of Eternal Life.  ( Ticket to Heaven )


If you prayed sincerely,  then God made a promise,  If you put your faith on His beloved Son Jesus Christ then God the Father gives you the gift of Eternal Life. (Ticket to Heaven).

Faith on the blood of the perfect lamb Jesus Christ, allows you to have all your past, present and future sins all forgiven.

If you prayed for your Ticket to Heaven could you send us an e-mail and let us know.  We would be blessed to know you got your Ticket to Heaven.  Ask for some helpful links and we would be happy to send you some great links to encourage you in your new life in the Kingdom of God.